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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

this and that

hi everyone

life is still insane, i move out on friday and i have S-loads of work to do before then, and i'm not even thinking about the packing at this point. arg!
my work burnt down and i was temporarily incomeless but it turns out i will now be able to work again shortly cleaning up after the fire so its ok.
i finished a mini-clapotis that i started, oh, 6 months ago? i'll post a pic when its blocked (amazing what gets done when you're procrastinating really..)

the flustered
Ms Spider xo

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Monday, October 16, 2006

...two weeks later...

And I've done it again. Sigh.

Stupid because i love blogging. not carnally.. but tenderly. Though from what i can see of my knitting soul sisters, everyone is a little busy right now (or down-right bollocks-ed up).

Days til I move out: 13

Assessment pieces due this semester: 5

Days left of the semester (including weekend) : 12

You see my dilemma?

Anyway, I can't go on and on. just leave you with a few pics of the house:
The bedroom in its new coat of paint and the bed i bought from Kirsty (Much more comfy than the mattress we had). Thanks again Taph for the bedlinen, you saved my sanity ;) The vase of flowers is my doing... I think.. I think i might be houseproud! AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHAnd my vege garden, which actually looks much different now and the bok choy got eaten and things were planted there instead.And some fibre content - some sock yarn I'm spinning for my darling. It's lovely, I'll show more soon, promise.
Sorry about all the SnB no-shows, they both fell on Camelot nights (and for those who didnt go,, you missed out BIGTIME, sherpa was BRILLIANT!)

miss you all, sorry to be so removed of late. two weeks stand between myself and sanity.. can you smell it? I can... smells like... freshly laundered sheets dried in the sunshine.

the frantic yet happy
Ms Spider xo

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

in which Ms Spider goes on and on until we pray her hands will fall off lest she type some more


It's interesting how naughty with blogging i have become, considering i LOVE the fact i have a captive (as far as i know) audience that i can rant at. I think part of the problem is having too much to say, coupled with a criminally short attention span (plus, this is eating into my knitting time y'know).

Also I have come to the realisation that many people read this who do not give two figs for what i am knitting (except in a sort of vague 'ooh colour-ish' manner, hello iso).

So in an endevour to make this blog as user friendly as possible (and as i dont think i can post under different categories - possibly because i am thick with computers) I am going to try posting under sub-headings. If all you want is yarn-porn (and fair e-bloody-nough i say) just skip to the end.


Monsieur le Creepy moved out this week and we have since painted his room. It was a truly migraine-inducing shade of orange (a very slightly less bright version of the blogger logo orange if you need a visual). we've painted three walls pale antique blue (called Breezy. Sherpa wanted the blue called Spanky, but i put my foot down despite the obvious appropriateness) and one wall a sort of deeper blue green. might sound a little OTT but it looks lovely and its very us.
I am just thrilled to be in a relationship where we can decide to paint and go into a paint shop and choose colours, style and everything in under 20 minutes with no problems. it must be love :)
We need a bed, a wardrobe, shelving, bedside tables and probably a trunk of some sort. But the bed is the main issue at the moment (one more night on the squidgy futon mattress and I'm going to jump the fence with a supersoaker and get the neighbours tabby) but if i ever get my butt in gear and call dear Kirsty i hope this will be sorted.


The radishes are up but the carrots are a little wimpy. planted corn the other day as well as some dill. and we are looking like beating my father to the first snow pea, ha ha!


Um... no. Don't want to talk about it. let's just say there are four weeks left and i move in with Sherpa at the end of them... where do you THINK my mind is right now?


It is completely not my fault that i havent been giving you all fair warning, but they open on the 5th at Qbn Bicentenial Centre, tickets at ticketek. Sherpa is very bad about knowing dates and times so this is almost the first i have heard of it.
For those of you who missed the truly glowing review in Fridays Canberra Times, I provide for you the paragraph about my darling:

'All of this delicious misery is brought to a head by the plotting of Arthur's bitter, twisted bastard son Mordred. "Camelot," this swine scoffs, "where the table is round and the relationships are triangular!" (Sherpa), so perfect for the Players as a nerdy, malignant, almost supernaturally nasty Mordred (how I yearned to hiss at him and how my hand twitched with the desire to hurl my tape-recorder at him!) rather threatens to be the star of this production.'

I'm so proud it's ridiculous....
For those who are keen I will be attending the opening and closing night. It will be a great show and feel free to bring your knitting.


Well I've been a little short of attention lately...
I did a big stash-bust. the two littler boxes at the front are what i parted with (thanks so much Taph, i owe you some zip-locks bigtime!) I know it looks ver very messy... and i'd like to pretend that's the extent of my stash.. but.. well you know how it is. maybe i'll get you a snap in the new house... just maybe mind.
Spun this. Which was some wendseldale.. was just like spinning mohair. lovely sheen :)
And this. Which was some lovely mutli-tonal merino bought on eBay (here).
and this. (kind-of forgot to photo before i knit it up... cough cough. it's the pink stuff.)
Started this shawl
only to discover there is an error in the pattern... you may notice that in the picture there is a nice block of stocking stitch before the rows and rows of eyelets? not so in the pattern. Sigh.
Oh and this is the briar Rose yarn that i won from the Cast-On caption contest a while back. Any suggestions as to what it might like to be shall be fallen apon with cries of joy.

Much love all round, my apologies for the neglect... and i sadly wont be attending the next thursday SnB because it is in fact Camelot's opening night... sigh. what a choice...

The frantic
Ms Spider

PS I keep trying to update Vague but it wont publish... takes about half an hour of saying 0% published... i'm not as slack as i appear!!!

PPS will try to get some snaps of the house today :)

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