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Friday, August 03, 2007


Bounjour mes amies!
it's been a while, eh? sorry about that.
Since we last spoke, i've cast on a few things (Deepest apologies to those of you with broadband...)
started designing a new sock, using the honeybee lace pattern (because that's what my monkey calls me sometimes...)I am enjoying them, but these are a 'when i feel like it' knit. I'm not going to kill myself to finish them because i find the honeybees a little slow-going... you have to keep casting on more stitches every 6 rows. it is VERY pretty though!
finished my keyhole top. I'm not about to wear it for you because i need to develop a waist or a better self image - whichever comes first. but it's a nice pattern, if a bit of a pain to pick up all those waistband stitches and get the pattern stitches to line up in the middle.I found knitting with the 8ply bendigo cotton so pleasant that i bought some more and cast on for Cambio (finally! I've had the beads for 2 years!). It really does have lovely drape, i recommend it to anyone. its not a shiny cotton, its soft, drapey and seems to wear well. Quite sensual to touch when its knit up.
I dont know if i mentioned it, but i offered to knit some lace for Helen Rippen of Waratah Fibres (my favouritist fibre-dyer there is!). the yarn she wanted knit up arrived on monday and i've been designing a stole in traveling vine lace.It feels like it is growing slowly, but i think its just because i'm used to knitting top-down shawls and they grow very swiftly to start with. It's lovely yarn, very subtle colours and i'm happy with how the pattern is working out. I'll probably make the pattern available through her at a later date (but i'm sure interested parties can tease it out of me ;p its not a hard one). The best thing about this? I get someone to gush over my lace knitting (even though it's nothing special) AND i get paid my comission in fibre!!! you cant tell me you wouldnt jump at that!

And do not let it be said that lovely housemate Vic is resting on her laurels. This is her first sock, in a large man's size no less (tis now completed, contrast toe and all and she's on the second one) and this is her second project ever! She also cast on for a Debbie Bliss girls cardi this week, in some Bendigo 5ply we dyed together. She's one to watch, this girl! I think maybe is was the fumes my stash was putting out!

and on the work-force front - i'm teaching! i did three days relief this week and i have my department interview next tuesday. EEeeeep!! It's extremely nice to be back at Lyneham.. i know the kids and they LIKE me. I havent had any behaviour problems in three days (well nothing that made me uncomfortable). its a lovely school with wonderful staff and gorgeous kids. I caught the bus home two days and not one kid gave me crap about it. OOh and i had fun at the end of a yr 7 english class - i swiped a joke from the simpsons and stuck a post-it that read 'TEACH ME' on the back of one of the cheekier boys. It was a class i had last semester for SOSE, so i knew i could get away with it. I love teaching, i love being around the kids and seeing them emerge into the world. And i have to say, despite what anyone says, kids are more tolerant than they used to be. They speak their mind, they swear right through classes and are surprised if you complain, they joke and bounce around, lie on the floor and through soccer balls (in class) but if someone says (to just about anyone!!) "Err what are you, a fag?" 90% will turn around, give that withering glare that teenagers manage so effortlessly and say "what kind of insult is that? grow up."
I know this probably sounds like i'm full of myself but i am really enjoying what i'm doing at the moment. i dont think you have to be a hard-arse to teach. i really dont. and honestly, who has the energy to yell about stuff that is, really, quite petty. like wearing hats in class. It never occurs to me, and particularly when its cold i dont see the problem. and it may come back to bite me, but i think the respect i get from my students from treating them like rational human beings who are capable of making decisions for themselves serves me much better than screaming at them like a banshee and threatening them with detentions i dont want to give. i'm just not that girl, and when it comes down to it they can tell.

Ok, i'll sign off (who's kidding, everyone stopped reading after the pics)
I've been gardening, dyeing and spinning too, so i might have some more pics over the weekend.

Peace out and happy friday to you all!
The finally paid educator
Ms Spider

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  • At August 04, 2007 7:15 am, Blogger gemma said…

    Congratulations on the teaching, its great to work at something you love.

  • At August 04, 2007 1:51 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Gorgeous socks and shawl there Spidey! I'm a bit witful - Cambio was very nearly my first-ever Knitty project... I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

    SO glad you're finally teaching, and getting actual real money for the privilege, AND enjoying it. Well done!

  • At August 04, 2007 1:51 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    WISTFUL, not witful. Although that could be an interesting new word...

  • At August 05, 2007 12:20 am, Blogger Michelle said…

    I's so glad to hear a good review of the Bendigo cotton - I've been eyeing the sample card off for a few weeks trying to work out whether I should risk it for a crochet project. I think I'll take a chance on it.

    And whoo for the teaching! It is so nice to hear the experiences of someone who absolutely loves it. I did all but 6 months of my teaching degree, but changed my mind when I realised I wasn't going to make a great teacher!

  • At August 05, 2007 11:02 am, Blogger TinkingBell said…

    Congratulations on paid teaching!

    and well done on the lovely knitting! You probably just need some warm weather for the keyhole top!

    Having fun with the chesse?
    Love the honeybee socks! Where's the pattern from? Yummy honey!

  • At August 06, 2007 7:00 am, Blogger Jude said…

    Hello you lovely thing! I'm back and wanted to show you some pics of how your wizz fizz yarn is knitting up so far!

    Lots of great news in this post of yours - paid teaching, amazing new patterns (LOVE the shawl!), amazing progress re: your flatmate's introduction to our little cult- I love it!

    Shitty news about the tooth though, my thoughts are definately with you on that one. erk.

    Can't wait to see these projects of yours in person so i can have a squealyfest!

  • At August 06, 2007 8:34 am, Blogger Georgie said…

    Congrats on PAID teaching work, Im so glad its such a rewarding and enjoyable experience! yay!

    Lots of lovely knit pics - I love that honeybee sock pattern (*sigh* still avoiding casting on a sock...I know!) and the waratah fibre lace is stunning.

    Ive been lusting after Bendy cotton too, so very happy to hear good reviews.

    And as for that housemate of yours....another overachiever! Go Vic!

  • At August 06, 2007 10:39 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Lovely socks, all round!! Love the beading but my favourite is the travelling vine stitch knitting. I had a whole jumper in aqua once in this pattern. How I loved it...
    Glad you are enjoying your teaching AND being paid too!! Bonus!!

  • At August 06, 2007 11:35 am, Blogger Margie said…

    All that knitting is lovely. I especially like that shawl. I'm sure she'll love it.

    What have you decided to do in the end about the tooth?

  • At August 07, 2007 11:53 am, Blogger Knit1 Blog1 said…

    Hi Spidey,

    Thanks for your sock advice I'd always wondcered. Looks like your housemate is definitely picking up on your skills. Great to read that so many things are going so right adn your enjoying the teaching. Nothing better than connecting with those you work with!

  • At August 10, 2007 3:57 pm, Blogger Neet said…

    It all looks just gorgeous Spidey!! I especially like the vine shawl. Stunning :)
    I've done hardly any at all on my turtle walk socks since the workshop, as I'm just sneaking rows in as treats in between the other stuff that I have to finish for birthday deadlines. But every time I sit down to knit a little on them, I find it SO enjoyable!! It's really great hearing that you're enjoying your job! What a blessing :)

    That's good to hear about the Bendy cotton too. I'm quite curious to try knitting with cotton. My swatch card from Bendy didn't have the cotton on it. Do you have to request that specially?

  • At August 10, 2007 11:24 pm, Blogger Donna Lee said…

    I taught in a school for "discipline problems" and for the kids who couldn't make it in the regular school system for one reason or another. I had the teen age (14-17) boys. For some reason no one else wanted to teach them. I loved it. They were eager to share their ideas if they thought someone was listening. That's when I learned that good teachers are born not made.
    The honey bee socks are gorgeous. Is that your pattern?


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