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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

where it stops, no-one knows

Thanks to everyone who has been so nice to me about my teeth. The Dr said it was 'not his area' but did give me some sample painkillers. He suggested leaving it a bit longer and then going to the dentist. to 'save me money'? will it save me money if i have to get dentures? (when i do sleep i have dreams about crazy dentists yanking my teeth out with pliars, or them falling out and my trying to keep them in... weird stuff)
Being that i'm not into pain all that much, i called my dentist. The earliest i can get it next tuesday. Every day it gets a little less painful... but i have been one seriously pissy bitch to live with. Poor monkey. Nothing like chronic pain with no rest in sight to make one a tad cranky.

I also received in the mail today some documentation from the DET. Apparently, as i ticked a box on saying i was on medication i need a Drs Cert to say i can carry out the duties of a classroom teacher (you dont think an 8 week stint might have shown that? what does my doctor know about my 'knowledge, understanding and implementation of curriculum design'??? F-ing red tape). Also apparently i need to give them another copy of my birth certificate with a more illustrious signature (postal worker does not cut it, or so it would appear).

I told you i was pissy.

On the bright side:
Stage two of the Turtle Walk sock is complete. twitchy fingers may recognise this yarn. If you are hovering between booking into my sock class or not... please do. it's going to totally rock, i promise.

More spinning. Purdy.hand-dyed merino from rachel meekin, from Glenora spinning and weaving. Love this woman, some great colour sense and really saturated colours.

The sudden increase in yarn production has driven me to snap my sock-yarn/laceweight stash. I know this doesnt appear to be a lot, but keep in mind that sock yarn is fairly transient for me ;) I only just realised there is fibre present in this photo. i think that's green/blue dyed tussah silk... mmmm

And this is what i am spinning now.grey polwarth with 10% silk... yummeh! This is from waratah fibres again. I'm such a whore for a nice fibre... It's totally normal to talk to your fibre as you spin... right?

Ok, i'm going to try to sleep now. try being the operative word. freakin' teeth.

The pissy
Ms Spider

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  • At July 12, 2007 6:30 am, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Well apart from the fibrey and socky goodness, it all sucks.

    To add insult to injury, you're bouncing off the SnB list. I've sent you an invitation to rejoin - you might need to check your hotmail account.


  • At July 14, 2007 2:19 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Actually, I think that is a fair amount of laceweight! Just gorgeous :)

    Hope your teeth are not so painful today? Roll on Tuesday...


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