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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Elizabeth Bennet

So, on Thursday I finished my pink cardigan.
The first set of buttons I attached were really cute Beutron Vintage buttons I had in my stash.... but sadly the pearl colour started to flake off and they didn't really keep the cardigan closed with any kind of genuine effort.
So this morning I replaced them with some second-hand pale blue buttons. Much better!

No pics on me until it gets cooler. I obviously only knit short sleeves, I didnt trust 2 balls of Zara to make two nice long cabled sleeves.I also lengthened the peplum cable by an extra cable and also widened it to get a bit more shape (for some reason this pic came out blue. It's actually a very pale pink).
The Zara is so soft I can wear this over a camisole, so short sleeves work well.

The bunnies enjoy sharing corn.
last night we had our Engagement party which was great fun. No pics, nobody needs to see that ;) Thanks everyone who came, and no hard feelings to those who couldnt make it :)

Peace out,
Ms Spider xo

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