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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I want my holidays back!

I am so tired, there are no appropriate adjectives for the exhaustion that i feel.
here is a brief run-down of prac so far, for those of you that care, and as a record for me for when i am sane again.

Wake up with a GIANT pimple/rhinosceros horn on the bridge of my nose, totally undisguisable, red and shiny, going nowhere.
arrive at the school, only to freak out my mentor teacher when she realises i'm not a science student - guess who only has one line of psychology? So they tried to spread me around a bit.. this is very uncomfortable. i discovered i was miraculously (in ten days) supposed to preplan and teach 10 lessons (keeping in mind i have neither planned nore taught before).
while i hyperventilated my mentor left me at my desk with a text book for 2 hrs. FUN.
Then she went home at 1pm because her son was sick, i latched onto another psych teacher and sat in on a class. She assured me that my requirements were not viable for either me nor the teachers so i should just do as much as i feel comfortable with.
Got home to a present! Thank goodness for TOD saving my day...

Pimple remains steadfast and gruesome.
Longish day, sat in on 2 classes and got to actually chat to some kids and see where they're at. Submitted a lesson plan, seems ok. went off for a few hours and then came back for parent teacher night. that was very odd i have to say. Some parents are just.. i dont know how to put this. you either know why the kid is so freaked, or where their weird behavioural traits come from or why they're arrogant.. etc etc. Or you think "how the hell did the kid come out so good?"
is that mean? probably is. sorry parents out there, i dont mean you, you're all wonderful, it's those 'them' fellas again.

I'm incerting a gratuitous 'my brother is a dork' photo. He was showing my dad how to 'fight'. Aren't boys the best?

Pimple is smaller but still red.
Took my first class ever (da da dum!!!). Was pretty ok i think. i felt quite comfortable with it, except that my mentor has this thing about moving around the room and i am only used to presenting at the front- that's my comfort zone. So, i get to repeat the lesson twice more (which also means i can improve it) in the other lines of psych with other teachers. And i think im doing a few group activities on friday, and an example oral presentation on thursday next week. Feeling less panicked, just exhausted by the sheer amount of work (and running around involved). And it would be really REALLY nice to have a computer that works.
But also, got home this afternoon to discover my mummy (who was sick this morning) is in hospital. She's has some tests done but we dont know the results yet. She had a really brutal surgeon cut her tummy up heaps when she was younger and the scar tissue made it really hard for her to have babies - the Dr also thinks it's obstructing her bowels or something which is causing her to have really severe pain. i have to admit to this causing me quite alot of concern.

My Caressa Jacket is still unevenly basted - will i have to give up knitting when im a teacher? when am i supposed to have timr for this stuff? I've been knitting a pair of socks for my dads birthday but i've been on em four days and im only just at the first heel turn. So slow!
Dogosaurus is as he was. it will get done tod! im sorry!

Apologies for my sleep deprivation caused illiteracy - i'm sure i'll reread this in a few weeks and wonder what i was thinking. Maybe i should have another cuppa?
thanks again for the bumper sticker tod, its the best :)

say a little prayer for my mummy?


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