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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I believe I can ply

So.. where did i leave off?

Prac is good but i'm on my full load of classes now and its a leetle bit exhausting. i'm two days away from duty of care and i cant WAIT! it will be so awesome :)

Of course the annual day of fibre-whoredom was on at the bus depot markets on sunday and i was not to be outdone. Helen Ridden of Waratah fibres only laughed at me the third time i went back... which shows a kind and generous spirit i think.

here is the haul (sans the stuff i've already spun)

And here is some lovely fibre dyeversity merino... which was going along very nicely until i realised i was more tired out that i thought. Why do i have two skeins out of a 50g bag of fibre? because i (somehow) managed to spin the singles in opposite directions so they would not ply. so i had to do the old andean plying bracelet mejigger (not a real word) and ply them both on themselves. Humf. Monkey was very amused. If you look closely you will see that one is an s-twist and one is a z-twist. bastards.
Have started some leg warmers to wear under my trousers at school... gets a bit nippy!

Anyway, better go and locate some vaguely presentable clothing.

Ms Spider

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