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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the boy is a moth

So on my way home from Uni on monday i stopped in at Lincraft to get some hook and eye tape. you know what i found? Nil, nada, zip(s, hundreds of them). This is making me a very cranky spider indeed. I do not want to make the trek out to spotlight, only to discover they dont have it either. I don't want my Cambio to sit around until next spring. And thanks to the lovely commentor who suggested it might be ok with a nice clasp... we'll see. I still need to find the right thickness of velvet ribbon (lincraft had it in 'minutely thin' and 'ridiculously wide') because it really needs the reinforcement - those beads are heavy dude!

On sunday, while playing around with my new sock (which i think is going to be called peacock's tail) my Sherpa Monkey came and gave me a glum look. He is going away in a few weeks for a few weeks. it is his birthday 4 days after he leaves. he has thus far been completely useless at knowing what a suitable birthday gift might be. Until sunday.

"i think i'm only going to take handknit socks to Ireland"
"Mmmmm-hmmmmm?" Spidey foolishly places conversation on backburner while trying to invert a lace stitch.
" But i dont think i have enough pairs"
"Mmmmmm... wait. What??? you have.... 6 pairs! 8 if you count the ones you've shrunk/walked through"
"...... :(........."

So. I have cast on another pair of socks for my knitwear-shrinking, walks-holes-in-them, spoiled and hang-dog faced boyfriend. *sigh*
appriately the skein of my sock yarn he selected is another new colourway - "Indignant". Yes, you could say that.
So the peacock's tail socks are on hold (mostly because i'm using my favourite set of dpns on the indignant socks). I show them side by side to show they are similar yet not identical colourways... and so i can feel like i might finish the indignant ones fairly swiftly.

Oh and just when we thought we were out of the woods he went and caught my 'flu'. but as he's on the mend barely 12 hours later i am not overly sympathetic.

the slightly indignant
Ms Spider

PS not as cross as i sound, but a girl's got to keep him guessing... right?

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  • At August 30, 2007 9:09 am, Anonymous With a Q said…

    Spidey - have you tried Addicted to Fabric in Phillip? Give them a call and see what width of velvet ribbon they have (since you seem determined to follow that path!!) :-)


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