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Monday, September 26, 2005

Are you as frilled as i am?

Ok, lame puns aside, I'm onto the collar for my wrap jacket.
Yes, this is the last piece - and it's killing me! I hate knitting lots and lots of stitches because it takes soooo long to grow and makes me feel completely useless. This is 265 stitches in 5 x 5 rib. It started on 7mm needles, now is on 5.5mm for 5cm then 4mm for 5 cm (am now onto 4mm and it's terribubble). Then some short row shaping for the collar fold down part and she's done!
Yes, true, good point. I will need to have a seaming party. I've never done seaming with Zhivago... i hope she weaves in well. She's very slippery.
On top of this, i do actually have a life to lead (yuck).

  1. I have to write a self-evaluation about the hideous presentation we werent going to mention again. (Done and done)
  2. I have to write another presentation for Lit Studies about something. Hang on i'll find out. It's about 'Who can tell me that this character is not Brazil' by Schwarz. It's awful and I have recently come to the conclusion that I am the only person in my tute who is uncomfortable ranting about capitalism. However Mr Darcy did his pres last week and it was nice and chatty and non-scary (ie. i actually understood what he was saying) and he got a great mark so i should relax a bit.
  3. I have an essay for Psychology due on Friday. Again, i couldnt tell you the topic off the top of my head. Oh that's right, personality testing being biased due to culture. meh.
  4. I also discovered today that i forgot to pay my amenities fee for uni. Unbelievable. Usually i could be classed as your classic anal retentive. Seriously. I'm bad. I turn off power points with nothing in them because i'm worried about the electricity leaking into the air. But somehow it completely slipped my mind to pay my fees. And not by a little bit. The deadline was 12 August! So now i have to fill out a form to reinstate my courses (pfft like they stopped them) and it also means uni facilities are not available to me. Such as, um, the library. Yes that's right folks, i have an essay to write and i can't take out a book. Are you proud? it takes skill to screw your life up this much.

So anyway, i only have two classes i have to go in for this week, so at home i will stay to study and attempt to get another HD (yeah, right). Did i also mention my brother is on college holidays so is cluttering up the house with his bad smells and poor eating habits? well yes, he is. I am relegated to my bedroom mostly because he steals the computer to play vile city (i dont know what it looks like, but it sure sounds vile) or alternatively, i get the computer and he watches very loud explosive television.

Roll on summer


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