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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ok, guess what!
You never will so i'll tell you.
i handed in an essay three weeks ago to my super-scary tutor. today he says to us all "now, i've got your essays to hand back. The average was a Pass. Don't get upset, i'm a really hard marker, im not criticising you, only the work. last year when i handed back essays everyone cried so i'm not going to give them til the end. there were a few distinctions and one high distinction. Don't take it personally!"
So i sit and stew and try to remember what i wrote. He goes through a few types he marked and i start to think i've completely missed the point. Finally at the end of the lesson he gives them out and i run into the corridoor so no-one will see me cry at my inevitable P-.
And i collapsed. Because i got the HD. maybe i'm smarter than i thought i was!
Of course, my first assumption was that there'd been a mistake... there are no criticisms, corrections or anything. i thought maybe HD stood for Hideous Drivel. But no. Did you notice i'm in shock?

For the aesthetic ones out there, here is the so far-ness of my wrap jacket. I know the tiny little front pieces look weird, but you knit the front ribby collar bit seperately and sew it on at the end. Isnt she pretty? (sorry the pics are so grey, i just got home from a glorious uni day and now the sun is hiding)
She really is gorgeous to knit, so silky and soft. I feel like a lady knitting Zhivago!

Did i mention it was spring?

PS. BFG, it serves you right for telling me not to procrastinate! this is the essay you thought i hadnt started! *blows raspberry in utterly disrespectful manner


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