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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mum's home!

Ok, so two nights in hospital, pinches, needles, tubes and scans and now she's home. Thank goodness i say. she's lost a few kilos, which she can't really afford to but she looks much better. she's having a procedure on monday so hopefully that will sort her out properly.

Here is the so-far-ness of my daddy's birthday socks.. i only have til tuesday so i hope i munch them over the weekend - i've gotten so slow!
Also, my dad is not entirely conservative so i thought "if i have to knit another pair of massive man-beast socks they're going to be in a pretty colour". I really like this yarn actually, if it wasnt so pillable (ie. pills easily) i would knit myself a sweater. or something cute. I am absolutely hopeless at kitchener stitch, so i just bind off the last stitches with three needles and two stitches at a time, if that sounds lucid enough. It's not as neat or pretty but by the end of a sock i really dont care. have had no complaints of bumpy toes from my family as yet :)
The great thing about knitting socks for my dad is he has club feet, so one of them is tiny. By the time i get past the heel of the second one i'm really really over knitting socks, but lo! it's only a few rounds and then i start decreases for the toe! hooray for birth defects!

I have come to the conclusion that my cotton for cambio is not enough, so she must go on the backburner. At least i have the beads!

I suspect the Zhivago wrap jacket will be next, i feel like knitting something silky. But by the time its finished it will probably be too warm for it. I'm sure my little english rose would welcome pretty things in the mail if i can't offload it, anyway.

Prac was quite good. I actually had a really happy day today. I think it was because i wore my favourite shoes. It's mad, they're quite high with a narrow heel but they dont give me sore feet... and the sound of my 'clic clic clic' makes me think "arent i cute, look at me, im so fab" so i cant help but be happy!

So, to summarise, happy days! (welcome home mummy)


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