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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sockin' it to ya

Well, did i or did i not tell you my Dads feet werent even? Yes, the one on the left is a good three or four sizes smaller than the other. So much easier to finish a pair of socks if you dont need them to match up!

Prac is good. They have put me on during an exam week - there are no classes at all on thursday or friday and i've been told to just use the time to do uni work and i'll complete the prac fine. Life's funny. last week was so incredibly crud and now everything is rosy. Two more classes stand between me and my next presentation prep! (maybe that isnt such a good thing). Yes, that's right Gypsy, fear not, i will read the articles!

You will also be pleased to know i have recovered from last nights' hyperventilation - the magnolia Zhivago is fine, it's pretty, it's luminous and silky and i started the jacket 30 minutes ago (no pics, it looks pitiful as yet, like i twisted my needles in spaggetti). Thanks so everyone who commented or emailed to give me advice. Laura, a crochet flower is the perfect solution, you have put my mind completely at rest!

Got a lesson plan to shuffle a bit,


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