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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The days that were

Hi y'all (i've always wanted to say that, and now that i have i see how implausible it looks.)
I have been a little slack on the posting front (not as slack as some) but this is due to having contracted the most evil flu-type virus i
n the known universe. It's a shocker, i can tell you. If any of you Aussies out there are wondering why all the cough lollies are sold out - it was me. I cannot tell a lie.
Am moderately better right this minute, except that everything tastes exactly the same as everything else. And i'm dying. but apart from that, can't complain. Oh yeah, except righ then. Good point.
Anyway, if blogger will be agreeable, i have a few more wrap shots for you. If a picture says a thousand words then this is a 2000w explanation as to why no-one should ever buy pre-wrinkled jeans (not that i had any choice at the time). For those who doubt - my hips are 85cm, not the 160cm they appear to be. Also, if there seems to be an emphasis on my bum, I blame BFG who took the photos and didnt seem to understand my being in the photo was secondary to the wrap being in the photo. I realise boys naturally focus on the bum anyway, so forgive him his foibles.
I am also not that short. this is an optical illusion caused by my slouch, not wearing shoes, sinky grass... and linear perspective. I am actually 210cm tall (cough).
I may have a problem with denial.

Here we have an example of why BFG should listen to the farmer (and the instincts of the BFG) and not give in to peer pressure from hairy hippy types. Especially not on the day after a big rain, on a grass only paddock and 1 1/4 hours out of Canberra. Being a farm girl, i can both understand how this happened as well as get a big belly laugh out of it. For those of you who are still bewildered - he got bogged. (bogged: to get a vehicle stuck in soft ground or mud). It was quite an adventure for him, involving two other vehicle coming to the rescue (including a tractor) and those getting bogged as well. And it was starting to get dark so they didnt see the slight change in ground cover in this spot. (When i looked i saw reeds. Yup. REEDS.) Sadly these are not visible in the picture. But yes, it is AT LEAST 30cm deep water in the wheel holes. I will get in trouble for telling for sure, but it was worth it.

And here we have my little lobster friend attacking a girl. Or dancing with her... at her. I'm still undecided on this point. It was an altogether very odd couple of hours that i do not have enough vocabularly to describe adequately. Lets just say it involved several people, some wearing Final Fantasy costumes, doing a weird kind of regency dance in pairs to plonky music that reminded me of ballet stretches. And i had the flu and a camera. HA HA HA! (at least there is no face action ToD...)

And blogger appears to be accepting my photos again. This was another reason for my leave of absence - i'd write a nice long entry and then wouldnt be able to illustrate. so i gave up for a while.

Anyway, for those of you who do not have razor sharp observation skills, i am currently knitting branching out in CP Kid Merino and it is so gorgeous (mine is in Berry 4672). Sadly my flu has eaten my brain so i have been making many errors. Pic tomorrow if you're good.

Night y'all.
(still completely implausible, wasnt it?)


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