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Monday, January 09, 2006

and the ayes have it

You will all (well mostly) be pleased to know that my subscription renewal notice is now in the recycling. i feel rather bad and twingy about it but i suspect that deep down it's just because it's the only thing i receive regularly a la australia post. i keep reminding myself i have a sub to creative knitting (not the best but a long shot off the worst too), and if i pull my finger out and look into subscribing to a couple of other knit mags then i will be covered (either that or i just makes sure i've always got some yarn/fibre ordered :p).

For those of you who doubt my spinning skills (everytime i say that i have a mental image of a couple of whirling dervishes), i proudly present Funky Town. the Happy Spider Creative Naming Department (TM) has chosen this due to a) random and quite fun colour and tone changes and b) the somewhat faded but still present reek of goat. i have no eye deer what it can be. i had planned a beanie for goat-feeding/farm wear, but as one cannot remove guard hairs properly without some sort of fan system (or hair-magnet... would someone kindly invent one?) this skein is rather hairy. i got about 70 metres and it's betweem an 8 and 10 ply (that is to say, in places its 8ply and in other places its thicker. leave me alone, i'm a beginner). i have enough cashmere left for another two skeins this size methinks, so anyone with brilliant ideas about handspun evolution, please sing out.

i havent posted for a few days and already there is a build up of words that are currently shooting out like steam from the milk frothy valve on a coffee machine (hey i said words, not technical terms).

have nearly finished first patonyle sock. well, to be strictly honest, i did finish it and then decided it was too short so frogged back the toe decreases (this is one pair not being donated elsewhere). i love love love the yarn, the red stripes are SO exciting. i was hoping to end up with one on the toe, but have one on the heel instead. will deliberately mismatch second one and hope for the best.

and this my friends is Pea Soup (complete with dog dish). i had so much fun starting irene's ribbed for her pleasure scarf that i got myself to lincraft for stash reimbursement. sadly, lincraft personel are clearly on some pretty good drugs, because my choice was a mixe of these colours: ***, these: *** or this concoction. i went with the Pea Soup green because i figure i can overdye it with a slightly less putrescent green. Was going to dye in the skein but found the lure of new yarn too great.

my neighbour is home again, and i'm going to trundle next door today to investigate purchase of alpaca wool. she says she has black, white, dark grey and chocolate brown at the moment (her mother in law lives on their farm and breeds alpaca but does not spin! so her 20 x 20 foot caravan is groaning with wool!!!! hello!!!). we were discussing the merits of each and now i'm wondering if she would consider breaking up the batch! She has a big black garbage bag containing each entire fleece... and she spins all one colour plyed against itself so she will probably not want to break up the batch (jo-next-door spins but does not knit and her MIL knits but does not spin. there is logic in the world). i want some of everything. well to be strictly honest i want all of everything but am happy to make do.
benefits of black: very forgiving and darn pretty. lots of things can be done with yarn.
benefits of white: can be dyed, spun or unspun. again, very versatile and looks pretty plyed with other colours.
benefits of grey: i like it, and its a nice natural colour.
benefits of brown: really really rich colour... yummmmmm

since spinning Funky Town i've realised how nice plying one colour against another is. and theres a little demon knitter i know who is always mentioning chess-board type yarns AND needs to develop some stash, STAT. so this person clearly needs a skein of black plyed candy-cane style with white. and i can also think of a few people who deserve handspun and will not mock my beginner mistakes but will love the yarn with the depth it deserves. and will surely be brave enough to knit with it!! ( i figure this is the next stage, developing enough courage to pick up sticks). i am of course too scared to knit anything i have spun so far, but considering how much alpaca my neighbour has access to, i think i can relax and spin and then just deal with the inevitable stash explosion as it happens.

today is going to be dedicated to the sewing machine (mostly). i need a few more UFO bags, to escape the current "projects everywhere" issue, and irene needs a bag for her stuff too. and she needs a needle roll since i scavenged a whole bunch of needles for her. and a little purse for notions. i also bought the pattern for the dress i want to make for my 21st. i am completely in love with it and have been for a few years but realised recently that short of getting married in it, there isnt going to be an occasion that suits it. so have decided that it counts as outrageous and will wear on the 28th. dont have the satin yet, but am going to go for a dark bluey-green petrol colour. and hopefully my hairdresser can show me how to put my hair in an authentic set. it's going to be so much FUN!

anyway, one must depart and try to get oneself organised because apparently irene is going to come and visit me as well today! hurrah! the more the merrier at chez spider!

til we knit again!

PS all hail irene, who has finished her first scarf ever! in 10 days people!!!!


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