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Monday, December 26, 2005

Knitmas @ chez spider

Well, materialistic and all as it seems, im here to show you my haul. I must add at this point that i did amazingly well, and it was actually the first time i've been excited about christmas in, oh, 6 years? Plus in showing how smart my family was, isn't it indicative that i have smart genes?? that's what i thought.

Also, many thanks to everyone who wished me luck with the cousins - it was ok. i think i've relaxed into the realisation that until the average age of the girls is 20 instead of 16 i can expect to be excluded and openly ridiculed. they're 16! what do i expect? and lets be frank, i'm about the geekiest oldest cousin any of them could have, and having their parents say "spidey gets As you know" was never going to endear them to me. i think i'll just cool my heels until they are old enough to get into the bevvies and then family unity will occur.

So.. whe
re to start?

Mystery gift from my boss that has been tickling my curiosity turned out to be this... yes that's right peeps, a giant box of yarn! sadly one of the few colours i cant wear is orange, but hopefully i can induce one of my SnBers to knit themselves a wrap or something... theres about 30 balls of orange villawool (the stuff on top) as well as some tweedy contrast and an already knit collar... any wool is good wool right?

Ok, so nice big dyepot from my mum and The Ball Winder from BFG (is he the love of my life or what??). i thought this was going to be my only gift from BFG, but then when we were at christmas day lunch with his parents he presented me with these gorgeous silver and cubic zirconia earrings... and miracle of miracles they arent too long!! (anyone who has tried to buy dangly earrings in the last year will understand my relief. i dont know about you, but earrings that get caught in my bra straps dont really appeal to me). they are a yellower green than i would usually gravitate towards but i actually really really like them (and who's going to argue with bling, really?). He likes them on me too which is a bonus :)

Also scored some really lovely earrings from my brother (who picked them out h
imself no less!). sorry if the pic is a tad scary/blair witch project, but i wanted to show you all how clever he was at matching my eye colour (ok so we have the same colour eyes, but still, a guy thinking about something like that is some sort of miracle). he also gave me some awesome suede shoes (i kinda have a collection of vintage shoes that dont fit) and these great bottles which i immediately put to good use.

Um, someh
ow i have deleted the picture of the Olga Berg handbag that BFGs brother and sister in law gave me, but i have a close up of the embroidery... it has these awesome ppockets inside that Sophie insisted were for my mobile phone, but i really know they are for my DPNs. And BFGs mother gave me this earring and pin set (it was so much effort getting my daddy to photograph my earlobes that i decided the Harden Bergia was the model of the moment).

I also received a little manicure set from my folks, as well as some white merino bambino for making self-striping sock yarn and a great bit storage tub with wheels (due to going over to the dark side* my stash has exploded). My cousins gave me a set of lip glosses, and i'm sure i'll use them at some point. if i've forgotten anything, i hope that noone notices or is offended. put it down to being stunned at my good fortune!

I'm just going to pop down what i gave people as a reference for myself (please ignore):
Mum - i heart cashmere scarf (she LOVES it)
Dad - 'Agatha Christie Crossword Book', 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night' and 'Orchids' (he's read noth the novels and we're going to do the crosswords tomorrow).
He who is stinky - Iggy Pop DVD and t-shirt that says 'I see dumb people' on the front (loved em both)
BFG - swim top, seafood cook book and fishing australia book
Cousin - gift voucher and c*****t scarf (she absolutely adored it and her mum tried to steal it from her! hoorah!)
BFGs Mum - 'Almost French' (she'd read it already, darn, must find receipt)
the brother and SIL (but not mine!!!) - Leunig book and scarf

ok, well i think that be it!
im now off to finally mend these bobbins so i actually have something to show for my spinning wheel when the girls come round on thursday (hint: i may have bought some dyed carded blue mohair fibre recently.....). have to say i havent been this excited about a getogether for yonks, jejune and her darling dotter, taphophile and newbie Irene are all coming around to eat up christmas leftovers and make good use of swifts and ball winders and the like. dont get me wrong, i love hanging out with my day-to-day friends, but theres something pretty special about knowing you all came from the same mother ship :) who else understands the joy of turning a heel?

hope your holiday was the best, santa brought what you wished for and your mums mango mousse is as good as mine :p

*the dark side being spinning, not crochet... spinning is SEDUCTIVE you see, unlike crochet :p


  • At December 26, 2005 9:18 pm, Blogger Daisy said…

    Oh wow, lovely lovely stuff! Can you do some outside photos too sometime please? I'd love to see what Christmas is like in Australia (it's FREEZING here!)

  • At December 26, 2005 10:40 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Great haul, Spidey. You did very well and your relations are to be congratulated.

    That orange is REALLY orange! I'm still seeing tigers. ;p

    Ooh, ooh, inspiration just struck Let's have a challenge. We all get to take a few balls and create something SPECTACULAR. Waddyareckon?

  • At December 27, 2005 4:36 am, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…

    Hey, you could always overdye the orange wool. I bet orange + purple = brown. Maybe orange + maroon = rust?

    and I agree, great haul. I love the green earrings. Pretty shade.

  • At December 27, 2005 11:35 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Lovely bunch of pressies you erceived AND gave - well done! I'm impressed by the efforts of the brother creature.

    And yes, leave the 16-year-old cousins alone until they're older and realise that maybe they *don't* know everything - their brains are being rewired (really), they can't help it ;)

    Can't wait til our SnB on Thursday! I can bring along MY BALL WINDER that Taphophile gave me!!! Eeeeeeee!!! It's SO exciting :D

  • At December 28, 2005 3:01 am, Blogger Laura.Y said…

    Merry Christmas spidey! :) Lovely haul there. The ear rings are gorgeous.

  • At December 29, 2005 11:33 pm, Anonymous Becky said…

    Happy knitmas!


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