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Monday, December 12, 2005

like a record baby

Am so proud i am breaking the agreement with BFG (the one that reads: the first sign of insanity is posting more than once a day).

This is it all plyed and cuddley. It was firstly pretty overspun and curling back on itself, but i plyed it in the opposite direction with some merino 3-ply i bought at an op-shop last week and I'm prett
y happy with the results.
Ok so it's dirty, it's greasy and a few grass-seeds got past me but its mine darn it!
My neighbour Jo was very helpful and told me that beginner yarns have 'character'. i agree. in fact i had some yarn just like it in my stash!
It's about 40metres so i might have to spin s
ome more... as soon as i reglue the bobbins together, glue the wheel and get the rust out of the orifice..... but i dont care how much work is involved because I MADE YARN!

are you proud??

Also, here it is posing next to some Colourworks hand painted yarn ($6 per ball). not too shabby...



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