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Thursday, November 24, 2005

just briefly...

Well, you may have thought i dropped off the face of the earth, but no. i was partly hiding in my spinning wheel shame, and partly trying to desperately finish Arabella. and as luck would have it, she is complete. i finished her on tuesday night, but am having the week from hell so these are my first photos.
i do a cable cast on (really must learn a couple of others) and i think the straps are a bit too curly up at the sides. so i might run a bit of double crochet down them. also , i think it looks weird with lace on only one side of the strap so ditto. But it is finished in time to wear out for yum cha for Leah's (Queen of Wonderment) 21st on sunday. hoorah!

This is the i heart cashmere scarf's progress. It's plugging along, but such a dream so knit.....

And these are the very new to the needles Very Blue Day Blue Berry Dye Socks. i chose the flash photo because a) it was in focus and b) it shows how very blue the yarn is. food dye = fun.

got to run...


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