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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

money money money

Ok so today i found my way to the shearing shed in Manuka...

bad decision for a poor student spider to make. foolish.

Foolish enough for me to welch on my agreement with BFG not to blog more than once a day...

here you go, goodbye savings.

SO as you can see, i am now the proud owner of Rowan 35, the new Zhivago spring pattern book and some Rowan 4ply in white and dark green to make this lovely Arabella creation.... sorry about the black and white, it was the only decent pic.

Am shocked to discover i cant scramble into this project as i own no 2.25mm needles! Quelle horeur!

Anyway, so there you have it... i have found the best yarn store and now im stuffed for life.

(and my package still hasnt arrived....)


PS i did actually put money on Makybe Diva and the $18 i won really nearly covers what i spent at the shearing shed. i promise BFG! *cough


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