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Thursday, October 13, 2005

retail therapy

Hi there folks. Thought i would out myself for random yarn purchases. Non-premeditative that is. But it was sooooo beautiful all soft and cottony (it's actually 75% synthetic, 25% new wool but it looks and feels like cotton) and greeny-blue that i could not resist the sale.
but when i finally got to the front of the queue i discovered it was not $2.99 a ball as it said on the shelf but $1.43 per ball!!! AARGHH.
couldnt buy more because i was cutting it fine for my bus but this stuff is seriously cheap!
It is intended to become the glampyre mini sweater, though i dont know what colour i'll edge it in. I'd go white, except it discolours so quickly. hmmm well i suppose i have a little time to think about it. It's a really gorgeous yarn so i might let it speak for itself, and ignore the edging.

Additional: it's official - i am a moron. i started knitting the mini-sweater this evening and could not work out how the 50st at 13st to 10cm guage was supposed to fit around my chest. yes, thats right folks, it's knit from top down. hands up who feels silly... but in lighter news, it is FABULOUS yarn when knit up. definately more to buy :)

Branching out is ok... i am up to 20 repeats and have hit the wall. I do like it alot, but it's a little too fiddley for the bus and i'm needing to do some Stocking stitch. for sanitys sake.

Am also crocheting a string bag. its seriously not worth a picture, so boring is it. im just trying to work through my stash to justify more purchases, but the Lincraft lady said the sale would last til the yarn sold out. (much as a i hate the assumption that noone knits through summer, i love the cheapness!)

Found out my Creative Knitting wont arrive til 26th of October due to a publishers delay, so consoled myself by buying Knitting from the UK (of course, my 'brand new' copy is actually the September edition, and we know how mags back date themselves. it's all about late summer fashions. but i console myself with the knowledge that autumn/winter patterns would be downright useless to me heading in to summer in Australia). I think this tank is very cute, but not sure what yarn would be approximate and available. And i hate to say it, but this hat is perfect for Gypsy. Damn it all, i think i have a muse. sigh. at least it might begin to dent my stash.

Over and out.


  • At October 13, 2005 9:33 pm, Blogger periodic haziness said…

    That is a bargain!!! I like the light (bluish?) top. very summery, and pleasant... if i can use that word. something jessica alba would look good in...u should write to the editor of ur magazine and tell him how annoyed u are. :) have a goodnight.

  • At October 14, 2005 12:44 am, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…

    Yay for yarn sales! That's great.

    I am glad you are making a minisweater too. The great thing is you can make it up as you go along. I wasn't going to do any edging at all and then I did a picot edge on the sleeves with the same yarn. I've seen pics with lots of different yarns and no edging and they all look great. It'll be a nice cover-up for your shoulders on a cool day.

    Good luck on figuring out a yarn sub for the tank.


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