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Saturday, November 05, 2005

short back and sides

Ok, finished back piece of Arabella on Friday. Would have posted then but my parents took my camera with them on their 25th wedding anniversary long weekend.

Thankfully BFG's camera is compatible with my software so he is very sweet and brought his over.

The white thing is obviously Arabella (and it looks like it might be too wide... and hoping bosoms will factor in to make it fit properly), the blue thing is Chardonnay. Did i mention i hate ribbing? i dont mind 2x2 or bigger but this 1x1 is doing my head in. As soon as i finished the back of Arabella i wanted to start on the front... but am promising myself i will at least get past the Chardonnay ribbing. After that it should be more fun... lots of decreases and funky stuff.

anyway, BFG is being patient and supportive while i post, but now i'd better go pay attention to him.

Good night all :)


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