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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

you've got mail

Just as it only rains when you've hung out the washing, my package arrived today after my big yarn spendathon yesterday.

I was SO exci
ted, i love mail. And Oh. My. Guinness! Cheope is something else! it is 100% cotton, somewhere between 4 and 8ply and soft and smooth and shiny... it's incredible i have never knit anything like it! It just glides along the needles... seriously, do yourself a favour and try this stuff. Good range of colours too!

When in Woden with ToD today we went to get some 2.25mm needles for the Arabella singlet. We bought them, then wandered, sat to have a coffee. I went through my bag, desperate to cast on.. and the needles were gone! So i had to go back and buy another pair! felt very silly, but ToD was nice and ushered me through a different checkout... how embarrasing. They must have fallen out of my bag....

Also! shock horror! the needles i bought are bright red Pony brand straight needles, the only type they had. so i knit the 7 rows of rib on the needles, then move up to the eyelet section on the 3mm... and the bit i did on the Pony needles is distinctly pink!!! AArrrgh! whats
the point in making bright trendy coloured knitting needles if it stains our expensive trendy yarn!!
I have been taking slow deep breaths and decided it will be ok - it WILL wash out, it has no choice in the matter. But i am definately writing to Pony to winge... i mean, come on people! what type of things do you generally knit on 2.25s? yes, baby things. What colours are most baby things? yes, whites and pastels. Morons.

So here you see, avec flash the WIPs i started today (i put up the flash one as well because you can see how glossy the cheope is). probably silly, but i have been knitting so fast lately and this should slow me down... both tops are for me, so i feel a leeetle selfish. But.. well... i dont feel bad enough to stop :)

So the white thing is Arabella from Rowan 35 in Rowan 4ply cotton (white, would you believe?). You can sort
of see the pink rib in the non-flash shot. i love the eyelets!

The blue is the vintage top (Chardonnay from Knitting magazine) in Cheope and will consist of rib for a long long while yet.

Am also still plugging away on the lacy hearts scarf. so now have three pretty new things to show of at SnB tomorrow, have to admit to slight nervousness. i was so excited til yesterday, when the lady at the shearing shed said i should try to pick something simple like a scarf on big needles... i hate that she assumed i was an absolute beginner because i was youngish. I had to whip out my cashmere scarf to set her straight, and she was much nicer to me once she realised i was going to spend a fortune. But it's horrible to have assumptions made about you. It's the one hobby i'm totally confident about and.. i dont know, it broke my confidence a bit. I'm sure nobody will be like that at SnB, i think there are couple of women my age. Just nerves :P. Anyway, i cant believe a knitter could be that mean on purpose, she was probably just having a bad day.

Wish me luck tomorrow!



  • At November 04, 2005 6:19 pm, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…

    Good luck!!

    Oh, is knitting fast and lots a bad thing? I guess it could be if you were neglecting more important things.... but I doubt you are. So don't feel weird. I enjoy seeing all the stuff you make because I haven't been getting anything done this fall myself.

    Pretty, pretty yarn, and Arabella is so lovely. Definitely complain about the needles btw. and good on you for pulling out the cashmere scarf to Ms. Beginner-at-meeting-knitters!


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