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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Coasting through life

So, this is the yellow submarine. She is technically the property of the BFG, but as i am sure i mentioned previously, i sewed drawer liners for her so she's half mine. and he's very sweet and calls her 'our' campervan. this is particularly sweet considering i can't/don't drive.

We went down to Durras Lake after i finished work on saturday. so didnt really see much beach or sunshine til sunday morning, but it was all just gorgeous. beautiful weather, lots of flowers out, fresh breezes....

I spent most of sunday just lying around on the beach pretending to get a tan (i'm terrified of skin cancer so i completely immerse myself in sunscreen and then go 'roast'. it works eventually, but you really need to spend two weeks down the coast. darn eh?)

also worked my way through 5 novels and got a fair way into Arabella. BFG went fishing two or three times but not a sausage! he became quite disheartened methinks (fear not, he actually catches many fish of various sizes and edibility levels - like so. you may need to select fishing in the menu thingy). we stayed over sunday night as well and made a weekend of it... sort of

this is the only meal i cooked, which seems completely unfair in retrospect. i mean, im now on holidays whereas he is in the thick of honours. and he's making sure i relax. i should've been more pushy... but darn it i wanted to relax. this enchanting ensemble is what happens when you pull a skirt on over your pjs to avoid startling neighbouring campervans when we open the doors up.

and naturally this is me pretending to get a tan. i should also point out that the ocean in the background is a fraudulent implication. i do not swim in the ocean unless its at least 30 degrees. i always seem to get dunked, get cold too fast and there is always the possibility that part of your bikini will get bored and wander off. and dont look at me like that, it can happen. heck, it has happened.

had prawns and peaches for lunch on monday and then came home with a bag of oysters under my arm. life is sweet.

am back at work now, but the boss is recovered somewhat and i get tomorrow off to play. holidays, people, holidays!

My pretendy tan and i bid thee adieu


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