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Monday, December 12, 2005

take christmas (please!)

Just to indicate how the last week has been i will quote myself. After nailing 90% of the christmas shopping with my mum, i climbed into the car and said "You know, i've been suprisingly on top of everything today and tomorrow!". I think i meant yesterday.
Sadly my mum laughed so hard she cried, and I nearly won the title of stupidist action for the day
(she was winning because when we were at Target she a) selected a shaving kit without realising for a 13yr old boy and then b) tried to scan the price with the store wall-phone.)

I come from this really big Hungarian family. We meet up on Christmas Eve and eat lots of food and sometimes theres an Uncle being Santa and you have to sit on his knee. Of course, by that time of the evening everyone is a little tipsy and they feel the need to say things like "what a BIG girl you are" or the like. These days i just say "If santa wants his knee broken..." and that usually does the trick.
But anyway. On this side of the family I am the eldest of 12 cousins. i also happen to see the other 11 about, oh, once a year. so its extremely awkward. And this awkwardness is enhanced by my having an Aunt who is a She-Devil.
The She-Devil does not like me. She does not like my brother. She does not like my parents. I'm not exactly sure why. It might be because my parents dont like attachments like 'nana' 'unlce' or 'aunt' and so i refused point-blank to call her Aunty She-Devil. My dad says its probably because she is jealous that i do well at school. Or something.
Whatever the reason, every year she poisons it. Her kids cant help but be snide towards us, it's basic modeling. Last christmas was at our house and while BFG and I were at the same table as She-Devil she proceeded to remind everyone about the New Years party at their coast house. The one we werent invited to.
Does anyone else have a She-Devil?

In lighter news, i have nearly finished my christmas shopping. Mum is done (if i knit a bit faster), Dad is done, BFG is done, ToD is done (ditto with the knitting). I've sorted
my cousins and even BFGs sister-in-law (ok, NOW i feel like an old married lady).
Sadly my brother is proving difficult. I have a partial gift. And I would like to get him some clothes (particularly boxer shorts. You know how elastic disintegrates in the clothes dryer? "Blue moon... you saw me standing alone...") but theres nothing that exciting about clothes. I could get him a graphic novel but.. meh. All the things he would like are things i dont condone, like smoking accessories. It's not like I'll get anything spectacular from him so maybe i shouldnt worry so much. and now he has the Girlfriend she's bound to get him something i cant compete with.
And im not knitting for him because he doesnt apprecciate it. Not to mention that I dont want IT to happen. I will not sink to that level.. at least not til next year.

Gypsy's 21st was on saturday night, and by the token that she put on the shrug soon as open the gift i think she might like it. She was the punkiest fairy i have every seen, and ever so slightly scary when brandishing the candle-lightery-thing. Happy Birthday Gypsy!!

Also, my Boss is moving into his new house this week so i get to work 5 days in a row. I said NO and he said YES and i lost. so i may not be posting for a while. due to exhaustion.

If anyone sees the Grinch, send him this-a-way.

PS. I'm going to my neighbours this afternoon so she can teach me to spin!! Yay! but i have to admit to slight concern as when the shafty bit spins, the bobbin spins too so the yarn doesnt twist or wrap around the spindle... no no i wont worry. i'll take it to a professional.

Ha ha. Hands up who thought i would never show a pic? I want to call it Fred, but BFG has a new nephew called Frederick and far be it for me to offend anyone (but i call EVERYTHING Fred!!). Any ideas?????


  • At December 12, 2005 1:14 pm, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…

    Beautiful wheel!

    You might not like this, but it looks like a Susan to me.....

  • At December 12, 2005 3:29 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    How about the Whirling Dervish?

    I can relate to the family Christmas madness - horrible! I have a step-mother who is an ALIEN, but that's another story....

    My father-in-law, who is 83, has dementia, severe Asperger's (ie nearly autistic), and diabetes is the WORST. He is HORRIBLE. None of us can STAND him.

    We've got round the holiday nasties by taking the drastic step of having our family Christmas (ie me, hubby, 2 teens and 1 chiuhuahua) on New Year's Eve instead. We have the horrible 'Grandpa' over on the 25th, and I just make a simple dinner that suits diabetics, and he doesn't ruin our Christmas!

    Plus we get to shop at the post-Christmas sales - even the ham is cheaper :) It makes the whole thing MUCH more relaxed.

    Anyway - this doesn't help with your relative nasties. With your brother - give him a gift voucher for Woden Plaza or wherever - or cash - or food. Too bad if he doesn't like it. I'm amazed that you come up with gifts for all your cousins as well!

    Good luck with it all, and I'm so glad you're organised for tomorrow ;) Wish I was...

  • At December 12, 2005 4:48 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Try this out for gifts - maybe you can find something for your brother?


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