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Monday, December 05, 2005

tertiary relationships

Ah yes, the anniversary.
Friday night we drove to Batemen's and stayed in the comfort inn just near the turn-off. the room was really nice (all pink!) and i'm always very excited by mini-bars. not that we ate/drank anything from it, but it's entertaining nonetheless. it was absolutely pouring with rain all night, and we found a restaurant with big windows so we could
watch the lighting.

Saturday morning was bright and sunny, and we had ducks just outside the windows (ducks are SO cool). BFG closed the window over night because the frogs were too loud (heh heh) but when he wasnt looking i opened it again. room service breakfast! nothing spectacular, but so exciting!! sadly the bell-boy (or whatever he is) didnt catch me in a towel, that would have really topped off the unreality of the situation.

At some point BFG wandered in and said (very 'goldilocks and the three bears') "someone's been knitting in MY bed!". Ah yes, guilty as charged. Felt particularly guilty when i found out BFG left all his fishing rods at home! at least i can knit in the car... and i dont smell like anchovies when i do it. usually.

We went to Mogo Zoo in the morning, and i must have had a lapse of concentration, because my camera shows no evidence of this... well, except for the short film of some bears. i wont tell you what these bears were doing. I'll just say that the bloke didnt really seem to have the logistics figured out, and the lady bear was thoroughly unimpressed. started filming before i realised what was going on, and then was so suprised i didnt stop it.
G was very sweet and patient and let me go window shopping in Mogo town. The antique shops were great! and he spoke not a word when i purchased this little cane handbag. it's 1920's and in awesome condition, i cant believe i got it for $10!

we drove on to Narooma, and checked in to our room (the little old lady was a tad confused, she had us down for tuesday). this room was soooo much nicer somehow. we had an actual balcony and proper milk and.. i dont know. it was cheaper and much nicer.
we went for a walk around the Narooma boardwalk and saw this octopus. he was so amazing, he kept swooping down on
rocks and wrapping his tentacles all around it, and as he did he kept changing colour! was very hard to photograph, but this sort of shows the white bits (he's go entirely white) and the dark brown bits (his normal colour).

the boardwalk added to my fishing rod guilt, because every couple of metres it's set up with special rod stands and cleaning tables with taps. BFG was very impressed, but did not complain once.

We had another very nice dinner and drank champagne by the water, watching the tide.

Sunday morning, BFG proved himself worthy of sainthood, and took me into
Tilba. why? Because i read somewhere that Tilba had an alpaca shop. Can anyone question why i am in love?Here lies my booty. i bought some alpaca wool because im still on a promise for that spinning wheel, 100g from 'Bug-u-lugs' (the really rich brown) and 100g blend of 'truffles' and 'bethany' (sort of caramel cream colour. they were $13 for 100g, which i thought was pretty darn good.
also bought a few balls of heirloom (saves on p&h is what i told BFG). the pale blue/grey is going to be a cable beanie
for me next autumn, and the dark blue will be some booties for Frederick, the nephew of BFG who is probably allergic to sheeps wool.

We went on a charter boat in Narooma on sunday arvo, and saw old Narooma graveyard and all the oyster farms. somehow forgot i had a camera.... i may or may not have been thinking about the fabulous yarn i can spin with the alpaca fibre...

and then, sadly, we came home.

it was an absolutely brilliant weekend, and i have never eaten so much excellent food in my life! i am approximately 42,000 times heavier than i was on Friday.


PS. finished one sock!


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