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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

chew faster!

ok, another list. i like lists.

1. Voodoo wrist warmers - finito! i used a prized single ball of totem in the most gorgeous grouping of denimy blues... drool worthy! i only made them 5 inches to the thumb hole because i was worried it wouldnt go far enough but now i wish i had done the ufll 7 inches because i have yarn leftover.

2. must finish patonyle socks. love the yarn, want to marry it.

3. finish clapotis. love yarn also.

4. finish chardonnay. i dont care how annoyed i am with it, this is getting ridiculous! i dont hate ribbing that much.

5. finish Moana hand bag or frog it and find something else for it to be. Also, rip back and dont do the cable rows so close together. Anyone else noticing a theme with the colours (ie. check out the patonyle again)? i have some bamboo ring handles and some leftover fabric from the hello sailor blouse for lining (again with these colours!). (there's a picture of Hello Sailor in side bar)

6. do the second one of these stripey ankles socks. AND write pattern out to share.

7. pull the guard hairs out of cashmere dad found under the house, card it and get it ready to spin. Yep, check them out. how can something so hard and sort of crusty surround such soft fleece. Very Annoying Indeed. how many pieces of vegetable matter can you find?

Things i have learnt today :-

  1. Goat smells alot more than i remembered.
  2. When my dad and i used to sit up late at night processing fleece when i was a kid... it was child labour. not the enchanting excuse for a late night i remember. (in a very freudian manner it is probably this biannual exposure to fibre that led to my curent addiction. just like when you have a very crummy relationship with your dad when you're a child you then seek a father figure in your partners. right?)
  3. Goats can have dandruff.
  4. my yarn will have causuarina in it and i must learn to deal with this.
  5. No, really. goats smell.
  6. they even smell when the fleece has been sitting in baggies for 10 years in a basement. maybe its like marinating.

finally popped the other pics up (why does blogger only seem to be having a bad day when i really really want to use 32 photos? ah, sweet mystery of life)

wish me luck y'all (no it still sounds stupid when i say it)


  • At January 03, 2006 5:04 pm, Blogger mumblingmonkey said…

    Ok then! The best of luck!

    and for goat smell, you have GOT to read the Yarn Harlot. Specifically her Odeur de Chevre entry. She made me laugh.

  • At January 03, 2006 5:53 pm, Blogger Sometimes Unwilling Guru said…

    Hi , Had to laugh when I read your "goat" entry!!! I smell not goat but money because when we were in the bush surviving unpaid with the family pastural company,we caught goats and sold them to the local buyer.It was our only income besides the odd shearing/crutching jobs DH did.I remember being due with my 3rd son and having the job of sitting on a wild goat while my DH was catching the others(one at a time to put onto trailer)I was huge with No 3 he was 10 pound born and I am not a big person around 50kg normally. so you could imagine the goat couldn't get up.....Cathy

  • At January 03, 2006 7:48 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    Hmm, free cashmere balanced against marinated goat smell. Tough one, but I reckon my greed for yarn would win out. :) Gas masks are remarkably efficient.

  • At January 03, 2006 10:33 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    I have to agree with you about the goat smell. It was disgusting last week, and I'm sure it's disgusting still...

    The Voodoo wrist warmers look great! Are you tempted to unravel and reknit a bit longer, or pick up stitches along the lower edge and knit a bit more ribbing? Would that even work? I'm just making this up as I go along ;)

  • At January 03, 2006 11:19 pm, Blogger Daisy said…

    Good luck! Love the wristwarmers too! And I'm sure you could pick up stitches and carry the ribbing on a little further?

  • At January 05, 2006 10:03 am, Blogger Stephanie said…

    I was going to say pick up stitches on the wrist warmers too but other people said it first. But I do agree if you want them a little longer. Sorry about the goat smell. Cannot even imagine.

  • At January 08, 2006 5:33 pm, Blogger Susan George said…

    Patonyle is very under rated (perhaps because its been around for so long?)- it is so soft and washes well - much better than some of the newer sock wool on the market.


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