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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

something you should know

Ok, so I'm really REALLY bad about suprises. I preemptively give them away, and i get so excited when they are actualised that i cant contain myself.

So, if you like suprises Othlon, look away IMMEDIATELY

Presenting 'Checkmate', handspun a la spider with black alpaca plyed on white alpaca. A total joy to spin and absolutely my favourite thing as yet. I may have to spin some more for myself :) though why did noone mention how hard it is to card alpaca when the hairs are so long?? But my neighbour gave me stacks of every colour she had with the promise of more when she ran out, so i aint gonna argue with free wool. and it's beautiful too! dirty but great colours and soooo soft :) stay tuned for caramel, peach and chocolate :p

Are we proud? (this is pre-bath so the white should get even whiter).

ooh im so happy happy happy i LOVE presents :) :) :) hee hee hee hee hee!


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