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Monday, May 26, 2008

nothing but the tooth

hello all! it's the third day and I'm feeling a little more human. My mouth isnt actively bleeding anymore and i'm allowed to eat food that is warm and requires chewing again. this is a Good Thing TM. Spider cannot live on custard alone!
i also have a new favourite painkiller - prodeine forte. it stops things hurting AND makes me sleep. this wins it many points because usually my trouble sleeping affects my recovery time. Now, for once, I'm sleeping right through the night and it's Monkey who's taking spells on the couch (maybe I snore when sedated? i should be more sympathetic but after 23 years of chronic insomnia I'm not that upset by someone having a few restless nights).

wow, pain maketh me meanish!
shake it out Spidey!

In my drug induced haze I have managed to complete some knitting... and how!
presenting the Bell Sleeved Jacket by Daniel Adamczyk. I used just over 13 balls of Cleckheaton Country 8ply and I chose not to knit the belt - I'm going to get a nice wide piece of satin ribbon to tie it with. I am really happy with it - it's just so pretty! It is very fitted and quite busy - it really needs to be the focus piece of an outfit so it's not an everytday thing. Was great fun to knit and didnt take me too long - just over a month i think?

I did also take a pic of the inside of my mouth - complete with tooth hole, stitches and injection sites but Taph informs me it is much too horrific so i'll keep it to myself.

I was actually completely terrified by the operation. it might have had something to do with fasting all day and being left alone in a room with no clock in a hospital gown for what felt like ages...
and i am apparently a complete geek. When i was recovering, the lovely anesthetist told me that when i went out i muttered 'The drugs are quick" and when i woke up they gave me my tooth in a jar and I said (to the tooth) "take that, you bastard!" and then passed out again.
I have no recollection of either of these events but they amused Monkey a good deal.

right now my biggest concern is that i have to stay home for two more days and i have no idea what to knit...

Peace out
Ms Spider

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  • At May 26, 2008 10:07 pm, Blogger Michelle said…

    Sorry to hear you've been blessed by the surgical fairy too! Hope you're feeling up to par soon. I have your yarn here at home - are you going to SnB tomorrow night, or should I still drop it off to school?

  • At May 27, 2008 12:47 pm, Blogger Caffeine Faerie said…

    Your jacket is gorgeous!

    Take it easy, and enjoy the knitting time.

  • At May 27, 2008 2:27 pm, Blogger TinkingBell said…

    Socks - knit socks - or a shawl!1

    Glad you're feeling better - take care of yourself

  • At May 29, 2008 10:17 am, Blogger Jejune said…

    Oh what painful toothy "adventures" you've been having! I'm so glad the blasted thing is GONE, never to darken your doorstep (or mouth) again!!

    Fantastic jacket - it's from Vogue Knitting, isn't it? I've eyed that one off, but that many cables are not a good idea for a busty wench such as I...

    Hope you are well rested by now :)

  • At June 05, 2008 10:55 pm, Anonymous 2paw said…

    Gorgeous jacket, it is so nice!! Glad your tooth, or lack of it, is making you feel better now!!!


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