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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


So I went to work on Tuesday.
This was apparently a Very Stupid Thing. I am now worse. I have not stopped coughing for 24 hours. and yes, this made sleep awkward, nay, impossible.
my throat hurts, my lungs are crackling and squeaking and wheezing and every single cough hurts my whole body - clearly i am too flabby for tummy-crunches, even sickness induced ones.
cough lollies arent working, cold and flu tablets aren't working, even the ridiculous size of my stash (all of a sudden) hasn't helped.
I think it's bronchitis or pneumonia. the earliest appointment i could get is tomorrow afternoon and if i havent ripped out and eaten my own liver by then through sheer frustration then i think i'll have done well.
Yeah, sleep deprivation makes me cranky. sorry guys.

the last of the stash arrived on monday and tuesday. There is a lot of crap, as was expected, but i did well too. lots of sweater quantities of 8ply in colours i can wear, 6 packets of Jet, 4 packets of Merino Spun... lots. Anyone who looks at friends activities on Ravelry has every right to be shocked. I'm trying to feel guilty, really. But it's just... i was looking through some old knitting mags today and i realised - i have the yarn to make every thing i like in this stack. I can even choose the colour! pretty happy about it :)

I'm not going to post pics... yet. if you need a shock you can go see my flickr account... that's where new stash starts and if you work back to page one you'll see the recent uploads. this may take a while.

I dont think i got tagged but everyone's doing it so i'm going to.

7 Things
1. I am apparently wired so i really get a buzz off full packets of yarn. You know, the original manufacturers bags with 12 in them, all neat and dust-free... goosebump. Even the ickier novelty yarns... that new bag thing. sick.
2. I love teaching essay writing. Well, essay argument planning. I think that too many teachers do it in a really painful dry way and i love getting up there and scribbling all over the board and arguing about which episode of the Simpsons we can use to exemplify Homer's abusive behaviour, etc.
3. I am really driven to squeeze blackheads and pimples. and i dont get that many. I find it really distracting if i'm talking to someone with a blackhead on their nose... and usually it's not because i'm grossed out and i want it to go away... i just want to squeeze it. Pity my Monkey.
4. I like the smell when you strike a match.
5. I've never smoked anything - except when i was 6 and i rolled a gum leaf up in a piece of newspaper... this may be WHY i have never been driven to smoke since.
6. Despite now having several very good female friends who i adore, i don't understand women. I find it very hard to figure out what is expected of me... men are simpler really. So i often come across as aloof, bored or kind of... conceited i guess, when really i just feel awkward.
7. I don't drive (see previous post).

ok. brain dead now. am going to try to sleep semi-upright on the couch to help with the coughing. grump grump grump

Ms Spider

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  • At March 06, 2008 10:45 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    You poor thing. It is terrible that you can never get in to see the doctor when you are sick. I never went to the doctor unless I was almost too sick to get out of bed, and then I had to wait. It is very bad. Hope there is a miracle cure and you feel better immediately.

  • At March 06, 2008 4:23 pm, Blogger Jejune said…

    Oh no! That sounds awful! I hope you're on the mend, and the nice doctor has given you some anti-bionics or something (we always call them that - stops you from using your bionic abilities, or something - don't worry, it's weird ;) Stay in bed and rest (((hugs)))

    Good list of stuff there. Yeah, the girl brain is a funny place to live... know what you mean! And glad there's at least ONE teacher out there who is excited about teaching essays - I'm sure it will make a huge difference to your students lifelong :)

    Rest up; roll around in that stash for a bit, it should help ;)

  • At March 07, 2008 6:18 am, Blogger kms said…

    eegads! poor ms spider. please stay in bed and get better soon. im with you on the girl thing and i dont think youre any of those things. and ive been watching the activity. oh yes i have!


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