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Thursday, February 28, 2008

back in the race

So the net's back up. Turned out our modem was busted (i feel rather guilty for suspecting bunny-chewed cords). My mind is slowly returning, save for the fact that i realised this afternoon that i'm coming down with the flu. This was, of course, after google-ing my symptoms, realising it wasnt low blood sugar because i'd been eating for once and it probably wasn't a brain tumour... started to get the body aches on the way home and that sorted the conundrum for me. Clearly i should have added "stupidity" to my list of symptoms, eh?

In the last couple of weeks a lot has happened. Our car died. We are car-less. I am used to buses but if it weren't for kind friends with cars, the cupboard would be distinctly bare (it's a pain in the bum to carry tins home....)
The bunnies got a bath after knocking over and then playing in the contents of a bowl of casserole. They were rather indignant.... and i would have been too. They looked like drowned rats.
Tomorrow they are having their testicles (pronounced test-ick-leeees if you please) removed and their immunisations. I havent told them yet... i hope they aren't too cross. Monkey said he would be very cross if i cuddled him, took him to the doctor and then the doctor lopped of his nuts. We'll see.

There has also been knitting.
I finished Monkey's tiger socks. It's very cute, he runs about wearing them and growling. he LUBS them.
Finished back piece of Mum's cardi. Slow going but the end result is gorgeous. i have about three weeks til her birthday so lets hope my bus gets delayed often to give me time.
I'm also onto the sleeves of the origami cardi. I love this. The Totem is just amazing, the feel, the spring, the colour... I am in love. Of course, doing the dratted sleeves at the same time feels like it's endless but it'll be done before i know it. especially if i spend all weekend hiding from the world.

I also did a little bit of online auction flirtation. Or perhaps, full blown commitment? It was all my faculty executive's fault, he showed me this sight where there were the contents of manchester stores that had gone out of business... for auction. at ridiculous prices.
Luckily i have some long-term savings squirrelled away, and after some talking myself into it... well. The first installment arrived yesterday, and this is a third of what i won.George, feel free to show your DH. This third of the new stash came to approx 600 50g balls. I have no (or very little) shame, i consider this to be an investment, and after working out what i dont want and can sell on and what i can overdye and sell on... i come very close to breaking even.
I dont know if i quite have the nerve to post a quantitive pic of the new stash... perhaps when it's all safe home. But curious parties may like to watch my incoming stash on ravelry... mind you, i've only scratched the surface.
do yourself a favour and dont watch my ebay sales too closely over the next month, paticularly if you are of a weak disposition.

I suppose it's everyone's right to tell me it's disgusting etc. feel free. But i am SO happy. I keep pinching myself. And i'm sorry if this came across as smug, i didnt mean it to. I was actually debating wether or not to mention it... but caved in, far too excited.
For curious parties, it was here. No manchester stores up at the moment but it could happen again, one never knows.

The fibre whore,
Ms Spider

ETA the link. all yarn is usually listed under online sales, homewares ang gifts and then manchester. it's a clunky site but perhaps worth the effort?

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  • At February 28, 2008 10:39 pm, Blogger Michelle said…

    Clever girl, buying up big at auction! I did see all the yarn you've been logging on Rav, but just thought you were catching up. I had no idea it was THIS big!

    But there is no link on your post!

    the green thing is looking awesome, by the way.

  • At February 29, 2008 8:09 am, Blogger Taphophile said…

    You are the whole whore!

  • At February 29, 2008 9:00 am, Blogger TinkingBell said…

    Omigod!! Just what I didn't need - a site that could give me MORE yarn!!

    Love the green and purple things - and the bunnies could probably use extra hugs around now!

  • At February 29, 2008 9:45 am, Anonymous 2paw said…

    How exciting, it's like winning Wool Tattslotto!!!!
    The poor bunnies: I am sure they will recover quickly!!!


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