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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

slow start

Just a quick post to say "no-one had a better Sunday than me".
There was food (Taph's amazing zucchini and fetta fritters with lime, artichokes and drum carder: this woman understands the art of the garnish like no one on earth ;).
There was fibre (two gorgeous 50g batts that are still enjoying the naming process) (fibre fiends playing along at home may recognise the sparkle in the bluer one - some of the Jewel of Denial glitteratti from the last EGMTK fibre club offering snuck into this batt).

and last night i finished some yarn i've had on the bobbin for a while so now i'm allowed to play with Intertwined (also from Taph for ones birthday on the 3rd).
this is 66g and 130 metres. It is white optim/silky merino plyed against jet black tussah silk. Dedicated readers may recall a similar skein in alpaca at the beginning of my spinning career but i believe enough time has passed that i can get away with calling this one 'Humbug' as well.

A delayed thankyou to everyone who made my birthday so wonderful. I am truly blessed to have such excellent friends and you all made my day :)

school is great but i am tired.

Peace out
Ms Spider xo


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