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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm a good girl, I am

Up until yesterday, the Minimalist Cardigan for Mum's birthday looked like this (sorry, ravelry link):And as of about 9am today it looks like this too:
Please note the hand-dyed yarn i managed to get to the other morning. I feel so productive!

Mum's birthday is on Wednesday so it was a close-run thing. Possibly helped by the amount of marking i need to do: who says procrastination is a bad thing? I must admit, I was worried I wouldn't make it. All that double moss was making me batty. I love the fabric of moss or double moss stitch but I am bored to tears knitting the stuff.
I did quite well in terms of yarn. We bought 12 balls to be safe, although my mother is pixie-sized. She doesnt like things to be too close-fitting so we went with the smallest size which left her with plenty of ease. I made the body a few inches longer for her because that's where she likes them and instead of 3/4 length sleeves i made full length ones. I still have roughly four balls left.
Don't tell Mum, I'm sure she'll decide she needs matching cashmere socks.

Ok, off to finish marking, hoping to see lots of ladies at SnB this arvo. and you know what...? I dont think i have a project! :O

Peace out
Ms Spider xo

ETA: Yes, it was Lord of the Flies. One of my favourite books of all time and creepy as hell. all those who guessed correctly win 5 points, redeemable at any points-for-karma type shopfront.

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