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Sunday, January 22, 2006

rambles and brambles

In case I hadn't previously mentioned it (which I hadn't), I live with my parents and my 17 year old brother. This has it's moments as everyone can well imagine. There are alot of things that need to get done pretty much daily in a house, and particularly in one with a dog and some chickens and a garden that likes hydration.

So, things become interesting when my parents go away. For a weekend I can usually handle because even when my brother inevitably skips out on me, BFG will come over on saturday night and I will have someone to walk the dog with me and make life a tad less scary.

My parents left on thursday. My brother did also. My parents will be home on Tuesday, ditto the stinky one. I won't say I'm doing the work of four people plus my job, but I'm at least doing the work of two. And I am fully aware that my parents do alot for us all, but I honestly believe I do my fair share, and there's a good reason why there is a division of housework. I'm only human!

On thursday morning my mother called me (10 minutes before my alarm would've woken me anyway) to tell me they hadnt left any money in their savings account and could I please transfer whatever I had over for them? This was frustrating because I had planned to buy myself some books on amazon on Friday night (sort of birthday present to myself). I didnt really mind, but it set of a bizarre chain of events whereby i cant remember anything. Phone numbers, my account number, peoples names... it's really getting sort of awkward. Something about that wakeup call... eck

And the dress. Don't ask. I have to wear it in less than a week and it looks like this so far. It doesnt help that it's so hot during the day I can't bring myself to turn on the iron (a problem if you want to sew complicated panelly bits out of light-weight satin) and then if I try to sew at night I'm garaunteed to make stupid mistakes (like sew bits on backwards) and spend the next four hours fixing them. Naturally I cannot post a picture if I do get it finished, or my photos of my 21st will be unsuprising. But I will keep you all posted. Worst case scenario: I'll be Sailor Moon again, even if BFG did outlaw the skirt for being too short.

The wrap for BFGs SIL is progressing very slowly indeed. It's partly the heat (and the 42,000 things I have to do everyday now that 4 has become 1) but I do recall the back being slow on the last one I made so I'm sure once I finish this piece everything will run more smoothly.

Have picked up ankle socks again so, in accordance with the rules, I can hopefully cast on the blue patonyle socks this week. I'm thinking a toe-up pattern so i dont have any leftovers :) hope im smart enough to figure it out!

as luck would have it I found myself in spotlight today and found some (more!) patonyle and totem at 75% off... you may notice (those of you with keen eyes and untrusting natures) that i have also p
urchased another set of 2.25mm dpns... this is not in anticipation of rule breaking. promise. I just got fed up last time I had both sets going and couldnt have started another pair of socks even if I had followed the rules and finished something else... oh shooosh all of you. I am only human. And Irene? you can keep the 3.75mm dpns, I got another set (you need something to stick in the front bit of your needle case right?).

Well, I'm off to reorganise the fridge because I made fruit salad and can't fit it in. I would also dearly like to solve the mystery of why there are frozen rissoles in the same bag as my dogs frozen kangaroo mince, but that might be too much for one night. It's almost cooler now. Oh what am I saying?? it's 11pm and my house is 28 degrees C! I'd like to try to get the bodice of my dress spoken for but I suspect my mistakes would be too great (and its scary if you stay up too late when there's noone else in the house!)

I would just like to add that ToDs play was truly brilliant and there is no doubt in my mind that he is an comedic genius. (I forgot to tell you my new theory ToD! All the great comedians are depressive right? Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connolly, Oscar Wilde etc etc. You cannot really understand what is funny without understanding what isn't. An extension of the "without a concept of pain there is no experience of pleasure" argument.) Play was SO funny, I had to see it twice and it was not solely the truly adoreable children acting in it that was a drawcard (yes, the blue fair is totally gorgeous and I want to marry her). And I have many photos in varying stages of fuzziness so if anyone would like copies email me. And ToD? you MUST choose one I can stick up here :p if you do not choose i will choose for you (satanic glare it is!)

be of good cheer :)


  • At January 23, 2006 3:21 am, Blogger Laura.Y said…

    ouch, I sympathize. And the heat... I can just imagine. I still remember my first 40 degrees summer in Perth, that was gawd awful, and to think I always complained bout the 32 degrees at my end last time.

  • At January 23, 2006 10:41 am, Blogger periodic haziness said…

    sanatic glare snatic glare. :p althought i'm sure there's a nicer one with the hat :D

  • At January 23, 2006 6:49 pm, Anonymous Reeny_Fishcakes said…

    THANK YOU THANKY YOU THANK YOU!!! Yay! front fillers! ^_^

    And don't worry... ur dress is coming along great! It looks amazing! It'll get done one way or another. And as said, I can help u on thursday if u wish it.....i've got nothing planned (unless Jamal takes me on a road trip ^_^)

    AND... Pumpkin's play WAS awesome! I know which amusing pic would be fun up on ur blog!!! ;) Yes, the blue fairy was gorgeous...BUT THE LITTLE BOY!!!

    Get more sleep. And then u'll be able to concentrate more on ur dress!

  • At January 24, 2006 6:47 pm, Blogger Taphophile said…

    I know the answer to the kangaroo meat cuddling up to the rissoles question. Rissoles are only fit for dog consumption - IMO, of course.


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