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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

'nuff said

See you in the spring! (or, alternatively, at SnB if i manage to do any assessment tomorrow...)

Ms Spider xo

PS. Lorna's Laces shepherd sock yarn in Valentine.

Monday, May 29, 2006

midsummer night's dream

hello all, thought i would just drop by for a moment to show you what a little procrastination and a sunday off can acheive. This is the tropical twilight polwarth plyed with the sarsparilla silk handkerchiefs (check previous post) and its yum as. about 72 metres and.. arg. like spinning fairies or something (is that just weird?)
loved spinning silk, LOVED it. wool is nicer on the hands but silk looks SOOOOO pretty... mmmmm
ok, well prac went well, have yet to pick up report but i am assured its glowing. just handed in one assessment piece and have i think 4 to go.. which is ok. i can deal. it takes more than an essay to break a knitter, let me tell you!

hope to make snb on thursday, though may be unable to knit since all my stress induced knitting is likely to cramp my hands up!

knit on peeps!

Ms Spider xo

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Ok, so as predicted my life is insane this week. I am teaching two lines of english, one with the boys same as last week (which is fine, they're gorgeous) and one with a year 7 class (whimper). Well, they are all lovely kids really, its just having been in a class with 4 kids tops its kind of overwhelming to get a whole bunch of caffeinated 12 year olds. But i am enjoying it. Just tired is all.
Got home today and promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half. i only meant to be down for 20 minutes... and of course now i've planned as much as i can tonight and i'm in that false awake-ness that comes after a nap.
but this benefits those of you in need of some fibre porn to get you through your week because i can think of nothing better to soak up my time with and try to send myself to sleep.

So the haul! i will not tell you prices, its too depressing, though everything was a good deal. promise ;)

Here i have a little white crossbreed tops - been very keen to dye my own since buying the twisted sister sock workbook - some fabulous ideas in that one.

And a little... something. dont know what sheep was responsible, but its 2 x 100g.

And some 'spearmint' merino which may be plyed with the above. seriously, this stuff is so soft i want to weep. I AM NOT WORTHY!

And some rasberry merino. have been using this to ply with the pinky yarn (hereby titled 'Tickled Pink') and it is a DREAM to spin, so soft, so light, so fine... drooooollllAnd of course the pink/white concoction i showed you the other day. This is my third and last packet of the same, i have two skeins of Tickled Pink (200 metres all up) and should get another two from whats left over. Some tops dyed as Tropical sunset (seriously.. was i supposed to resist? i thought not).
Some grey polwarth with 10% silk Some silk handkerchiefs in Sarsparilla

A little laceweight just to prove i cant hide from the yarn (though i did see and resist the ladybird opal yarn... and i'm regretting it right now. but it was very strong for me to leave without sock yarn!) and handspun, hand dyed for $6.25 for 50g..! seriously people!!!The Vera-esque socks which i tried to show you on sunday. Finished on saturday. Excuse messy bedroom and dodgy photo, just swung around on my computer chair and rolled up my pj pants ;) Stealth socks for my sherpa. anyone with a baby to knit for try the rainbow variegated merino bambino - yummmm!! its fun! and of course... good for socks too ;) Wish me luck tomorrow, two classes >.<

Knit on!

Ms Spider xo

PS got a good report for my sit in ^_^

PPS am i a bit repetitive with colour choices or what?

Sunday, May 21, 2006


hi y'all
went to the yarn-fest today and bought SO much fibre... there's really no way around that point. unfortunately i wasnt feeling all that well and so after completely emptying my wallet i did not continue on to snb as promised. I'm having a lesson sat in on tomorrow and i guess i needed to recuperate somewhat.

which brings me to this... some of the fibre i bought.. well i needed a nAice calming repetitive task and here is the before during after for your viewing pleasure.

there was, as mentioned, much much much more than this purchased.. but that will wait for later in the week as i wont have any finished objects and i need to keep everyone entertained right?

oh and while i think of it... i finished the Vera-esque socks on saturday ^_^ very comfy and i love the cables... and have cast on some in black with rainbow cuff and heel and foot (for certain person to wear with work uniform.. coloured bits will be hidden by shoes... Stealth Socks from this point onwards) I do have a picture but blogger has just chucked a little tanty so i may have another FO post later in the week.

hope you all had a brilliant weekend and think of me at 2pm tomorrow >.<>


Knit on

the saucy and bankrupt Ms Spider XO

Friday, May 19, 2006


"Oh lordy, block me! block me now!" or rather "Dad, just shutup and take the berloody photo"

needless to say... quite pleased with self. Rewards have been spoken of. May involve chocolate. Got to wear on prac today and the boys were tres impressed. (they like me! they really like me!!)

Prac is well :) enjoying myself greatly.

Oh and all SnBers! I shall be going to the whoredom that will the be the bus depot market celebration of wool on sunday AND going to snb in Civic at 2pm. So anyone needing follow up lessons for their socks (ie. heels are scary first time round) i shall be present and correct with lorna's laces to show off ;) I also mentioned to someone that i had a ball-winder and swift but have absolutely no idea who it was (deleted many of my emails recently) so if it was you please let me know by midday saturday so i remember to pack them :)

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

practical magic

Last friday at the end of the day i ran into the principal of Kaleen.
"Ah Ms Spider, i have been meaning to have a word with you but i'm flat out today... can i grab you monday?"
I of course agreed but was somewhat terrified as to what this could be about - what had i done??
Monday afternoon before the staff meeting she grabs me and i brace myself:
"Ms Spider I've been meaning to say... I couldnt help but notice you knitting around the place" (oh crud, she thinks i'm wasting time!) "and.. well was that a sock i saw you with last week?"
Me (taken aback - was there some anti-foot thing at this school?) - "er, yes.."
Her - "oh well i knit all the time but im up to the heel of my first sock ever and i cant work it out.. if i bring it in can you set me straight?"

you could have knocked me down with a feather!

I have been relatively productive of late, probably procrastinating my lesson plans and things.
have finished all main pieces to cardigan and am in the process of seaming and adding bands. (mmmm power cord chic! i love the way my house has nowhere empty to photograph things... except for dark corners. but this is a fairly good representation of the colour... yummmm)

and first vera sock is complete and im past the cuff on the second. They are a little more colourful than this but you know what photos are like. They are very very very cosy :) cant wait for the pair! Ah and this photo has a lovely indication of what happens if you randomly lose wight and cant regain it - your once snug cords get a bit baggy in places!and i'm plotting new cast-ons like anything, but am trying to finish SOMETHING first :p

Prac is pretty good, but what with one thing and another i seem to have the boys all day instead of one line this week. but they are all calling me by name now and i am enjoying myself. i'm just so tired! (or trd as a certain monkey would put it). and teaching makes you so HUNGRY! it's not teenagers being hungry; its school making them that way!

anyway, i am alive, relatively well and kicking bottom as they say. i do not know how long this trend will continue but.. well. here's hoping!

knit on

Ms Spider xo

PS guess who's been a busy girl? yeah, so i got fed up and didnt do the button bands yet (perhaps related to my crappy knitting up stitches skills... socks are easy, its obvious where to pick up there... stupid cardigans!) But TA-DA! are we proud?

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Hi y'all!

ok so prac is pretty good! I'm at Kaleen high and i'm in the special ed unit, which is unexpected but wonderful! these kids are just so gorgeous and i'm completely in love with each and every one of them.
tomorrow is dress differently day for autism awareness and i'm going as a bad-ass pirate! Yarrrr!! the boys are so excited, trying to guess what i will be. The loudest guess was 'Sumfink weeeck-ed!' and spot on boys!

i have lent my camera so cant show you the scarf i knit (in 1 1/2 hours) or the cable rib sock that is halfway through the foot. i do however have a picture of the famed pumpkin socks that were knit in Vanuatu (yes, everyone thought i was mad.)

i may never get over self striping sock yarn. I may also (only MAY, am GOOD with money!!) have bought some lorna's laces from in valentine, and perhaps a few books from amazon including elizabeth zimmerman's knitting without tears, knitting rules by yarn harlot (marry me steph!) and knitting vintage socks by dog only knows. they should all arrive after my assessment has finished.. and its developmentally sound!!! promise!!! and i will bring all to SnB for show and tell, promise ^_^

i am well, i am busy, i am out of my mind but joyous! go forth and knit with love in your heart.

Peace out, knit on!

Ms Spider xo

Friday, May 05, 2006


'ello my leetle kneeeters! and 'ow are vee todaiy?

ok enough of that. i thought perhaps if i was very sneaky i could distract you all from... well. once i went to a counsellor for my depression and mentioned struggling to maintain concentration at uni (i have insomnia so often am very very sleep deprived at uni) and she said "have you ever been told you might have ADHD?"
i could only stare at her. me? hello? i live for complicated and involved projects and am painfully focused on things that make my friends eyes water with boredom.

but i'm beginning to wonder.

I currently have on the go (in no particular order and possibly omitting several things that i have fallen so far out of love with that i refuse to admit they ever existed):
  • country silk cardigan (most of sleeves to go, seaming, blocking, front bands and button location required)
  • Pink stripey patonyle socks (exactly like these) for liv's 21st birthday.. a month ago
  • pretendy vera socks
  • zebra hoodie for ToD's boss' baby (due october, started yesterday AM INSANE)
  • red bobble socks (how cute with new mary-janes??)
  • purple bobble socks (for leah, my slowly recovering pal)
  • crochet bolero (dont ask, do you want to see me cry?)
  • splice/jaywalker socks (pretty much as much as i have in this pic)
  • clapotis (yes i admit i dont like it anymore... but to frog is to admit defeat... far better to hide from self)

Things i want to cast on despite the above:

  • some sort of turtle neck cosy sweater (maybe with cables) in some of the new patons jet. seriously yummy yarn!
  • sneaky socks for certain person to wear to work (being black above the shoe and random and rainbow under the shoe)
  • banana booties and mittens for aforementioned baby
  • cabled beanie for self in some heirloom alpaca in a soft blue/blush (no pattern, but the one i knit in my head is sure pretty)
  • leg warmers (my work is FREEZING!)
  • at this point lets just assume there are about 6 pairs of socks i want to knit, including out of this: which arrived on thursday (am SO charmed by the reinforced yarn)
  • socks for dad
  • about 5 beanies for various people (one of whom live in LISMORE and will NEVER have need of a beanie ever again)
  • a new clapotis in some of the purple laceweight i scored at the SnB before last.

ok im going to stop because i sound deranged, but.. well. am i the only one who craves sock yarn?

On less embarrasing news, SnB was last night ^_^. was SO greatly needed and i am thrilled to have spread my sock love around a bit (seriously ladies, you need ANYTHING and you tell me! nothing is worth giving up on socks!!). Had lovely dinner with Irene and Jen first and we will one day rule the world! just so you are all warned.

what else... ah i got my placement for prac and it all seems to be ok. and i enjoyed my week off muchly. except im working when i wasnt going to be but its stash enhancement money for Ms Spider so im not going to argue.

think that be it!

Knit on mes amies!

Ms Spider xo

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Hello all.
Prac has been somewhat screwed up, i was supposed to start on monday but the school hasnt got back to my professional experience coordinator so it looks like i start next monday now. which is ok, i sort of have a weeks holiday... except i really ought to be doing some of the work thast due at the end of the term. theres this hefty essay for Lit Studies, i think i'm doing one on love but i cant remember the question and i've lost my unit outline >.< for those of you experiencing spring right now.. well i thought i would thumb my nose a bit. ok, so spring is my absolute favourite time of year.. but WOOD FIRE people!!! Oh and we SERIOUSLY have to have a SnB at my house again, mmmmmmmmmm waaaarrmmmmmmmth. might not be til june or july though :p stupid Uni. I know its a bit dark, but that happens... and i didnt want to zoom out because there are thrillions of towels and smalls drying on the fire surround and i have SOME dignity :p

Ooh in knitting news: i'm onto the sleeves of my country silk cardi! very exciting, i wanted to wear it on prac and now i have a week its actually almost feasable... ALMOST. i am not oblivious to my current bout of startitis. i am itching to cast on more socks, i started some new ones last thursday immediately after finishing town and country: its the cable rib pattern i made for mum again in patonyle, but the colourway reminds me of some of the lorna's laces stuff. perhaps vera? and before anyone asks, the reason i have taken the photo on my keyboard is it is the only sort of surface area not covered in yarn or uni work.. well, it WAS.i also bought some sock yarn at the wool shack (here). i know, i know, but it comes with extra yarn which is reinforced for toes and heels! i got the purple one, but if i really like it i will buy the red as well i think... looks pretty doesnt it?

hmm well im off to cash a cheque and trawl for dpns at the local op-shops... am getting a tad short on them :p

knit on peeps!